Saturday, 13 December 2008

What people are saying

In support of scrapping the tolls

Martin Salter MP:
"The Thames toll bridges like the one at Swinford belong in a bygone age. They cause huge traffic delays which generate pollution from exhaust fumes and should be abolished on environmental grounds alone."

Paul Mills
"I live in Witney and commute to Oxford every day. I am sick of paying for the privilege of sitting in a jam every day. Everybody who uses the bridge is of the same opinion - the toll needs to be stopped."

David Cameron MP:
"I can see the case for scrapping the toll. I have made a number of contacts with the County Council and will help in any way I can. It's a difficult and complicated situation. I use the bridge myself and sympathise with people frustrated by the delays."

Councillor Charles Mathew:
"I believe the rush hour situations will only get worse and that OCC needs to grasp the bullet. There are a number of alternatives which require consideration in depth – from a new parallel bridge to season tickets for locals (like oyster cards) or a buy out – to name a few."

For keeping the tolls

Polly I:
"I like the toll bridge. It's part of our heritage and only becomes a problem when large vehicles behave like nobs and won't give way to each other. 5p is not a big deal ... It provides employment for the sort of people who don't easily find jobs elsewhere. My advice to you is to move out of Eynsham. Perhaps you could try living on the Botley Road."

John B:
"As a visitor to Oxfordshire, I came across the Toll Bridge by accident. I took the back roads deliberately to see the countryside and stopping at the little Toll Bridge and paying my 5p added pleasure to the journey. We English are a nation of eccentrics and little things like this must be preserved for posterity. It's what makes living in England so endearing."