Sunday, 14 December 2008


'Awww, it's only 5p, what about the tradition?'

When logic, reason and evidence fail to convince, have you ever noticed that people reach for the old tradition argument to defend the indefensible? It's a cop out.

Lots of things that were once traditional have been abandoned because times change, things move on, people think differently and there are new technological innovations.

It was once a fine old tradition to dunk witches in ponds or bait bears. But thankfully we've moved on. More recently Routemaster buses and the supersonic aircraft Concorde were made redundant - two classy pieces of engineering, I'm sure you'll agree, but no long fit for purpose. Our ability to adapt, be flexible, move on and assimilate new ideas is the very thing that makes humanity what it is.

When something is functionally outdated we look for something to replace it and remember the prototype fondly. Tradition has its place and should be respected but that doesn't mean it should get in the way of people getting on with their lives right now in the 21st century. For traffic using the Swinford Bridge times have changed since 1769. And it's now time to get rid of those silly tolls.


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