Saturday, 20 December 2008

Take action

This website will not get those pesky tolls scrapped! We need to take action. All of us. In just 3 minutes you can sign this online petition and ask your friends, family and work colleagues to sign it, too.

And in just 15 minutes (the time it takes to queue up and cross the bridge on a good morning) you can write a letter. Write polite emails in your own words, giving your own reasons why you think the toll should be scrapped, to:To make it easier download these letter templates (Microsoft Word docs), add a little text of your own and then either email them or send hard copies. Addresses are included:
Letter to Councillor David Robertson
Letter to Steve Howell
Letter to David Cameron MP
Letter to Dr Evan Harris MP

David Cameron, and Dr Evan Harris, Liberal Democrat (Oxford West and Abingdon) are the MPs whose constituencies lie on each side of the bridge.

Posters and leaflets
Use these posters and leaflets (pdfs) to tell other people about this campaign:
A4 poster - put it in your window or on a noticeboard at work, if you work for a local business
Long thin banner - for the back window of your car
A4 information flyer - read more about this campaign then pass it on to someone else
A6 information flyer - (prints 4 on a sheet of A4) to give out to other people

Write to others
If you want to write to (or cc your letters to) other elected representatives find out who they are here. These people are in office to serve us, remember. Write to parish councillors, district councillors, county councillors, Lords, whoever you can think of who may have influence. Be polite and persuasive.

What else you can do
You can also email me and volunteer a bit of practical help and support for the time when we’ll need to start leafleting cars.

Web banner
scrap the toll at Swinford
Just copy the code in 'properties'.