Sunday, 14 December 2008

How it all began

I came to hate the tolls on the Swinford bridge in west Oxfordshire after prolonged and repeated aggravation.

For 13 years I used the bridge first as a car driver, then as a bus passenger when in March 2006 roadworks elsewhere in Oxfordshire forced hundreds of road users to divert over the already over-used toll bridge at Swinford heaping more traffic misery onto existing traffic misery. Vehicles were queuing for more than an hour to pay the toll to cross the bridge.

I couldn’t stand it. I moaned a lot to my husband - who works from home. I ranted on my website and then I raged some more. I seemed to be the only one publicly ranting. And I kept ranting because I wanted to rant on behalf of thousands of others.

I realised I'd started a campaign. Then I bought a motorbike.