Monday, 16 November 2009

ITV news tonight and egg-pelting

ITV news
Earlier today I was interviewed and filmed by an ITV reporter for an item about the bridge on tonight’s ITV evening news at 6pm (in the meridian broadcast region).

Oxfordshire County Council today told the ITV news journalist that they have "no intention of buying the bridge". This is not exactly a surprise, but it is terrible news for the 10,000 bridge users held to ransom everyday. Another lost opportunity. No wonder I'm cross.

But it's not just me who’s angry about the idiotic and grossly unfair tolls on bridge, which without a public (or public-spirited) buyer is going to continue into the next generation. I already knew that toll collectors got abuse shouted at them and coins hurled at them. It's not surprising. But today a journalist told me that the toll collectors were pelted with eggs at the weekend. While I understand completely the pelter's frustrations, I can't condone it. It's not nice and is as uncivilized as legalized highway robbery of ordinary road-users at antique toll bridges.

The fine old British habit of egg-pelting is probably best reserved for politicians at election times.


  1. Jane,

    If we ever thought the council would buy this bridge/parking lot, then we are living in a dream world.

    The councillors in Oxfordshire really don't care much about the residents and more fool us, since we are the ones who elect them. And don't get me started about David Cameron - he just gets spoon-fed incorrect information by these buffoons and can't be bothered to listen to the voters!

    Look at the A40 - just one big parking lot. That needs to be made dual carriageway from Witney through Wolvercote.

    Look at Witney - it has grown significantly in recent years and that is a parking lot too. Shame the councillors ignore the will of the poeple there too (Shores Green/Cogges Link Road argument).

    What hope have the people who come from the West (not just West Oxfordshire), trying to get to Oxford and beyond? Absolutely none, without a very long detour!

    My current work location means I don't waste my life trying to get over the toll bridge, but it does mean I waste an average of 1 hour each day on the A40 - a precious hour I could spend at home with my kids in the evening.

    Thank you Jane for making the effort!

    Jamie Donaldson

  2. Yes we may be living a dream world: the council have said they are not going to buy it. The queues will continue and can ONLY get worse.

    I am so sorry that you are denied *precious* time with your family by having to queue on the A40. I agree with everything you say.

    I highly recommend you purchase a small motorcycle. Since I got mine just three years ago, I now get an extra 1 and half hours of time to spend with my family at home doing the things I love with the people I love. And a bike is cheap as chips to run!


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