Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bridge to be auctioned

According to this article on page three of today’s Sunday Times, the bridge is to be auctioned in London on 3 December 2009 by Allsop.

While an imminent sale is of course of great interest to all bridge users, I am most interested in the very last sentence of article. When the reporter (who spoke to me on Friday) approached the county council, they apparently “would not comment”.

Brace yourself, fellow bridge users; OCC aren't interested in acquiring the bridge and we’re going to be shafted again for the next few decades by another greedhead owner.

A case of 'same shit, different bucket'.


  1. Grow up!!!! why should the toll be scrapped? it is just like any other business. you cant expect everything in life to be free. you say you want the council to buy the bridge. did you ever think that if the council did buy the bridge that it may end up costing more? if the council bought the bridge they wouldn't want to have an extra drain on their funds and may infact see it as a way to get more funds. not only is this a possibility but the council would have better leverage when asking the government to raise the price of the toll.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous.

    I don't expect everything in life to be free. I do expect fairness though. And that toll is patently unfair.

    The Swinford bridge is quite obviously NOT 'like any other business'. It links two public roads, causes an unnecesary barrier, holds road users to ransom and is unfair in every sense... to say nothing of the legalised tax-evasion practiced by the owner because of an antique Act of Parliament.

    If the council owned the bridge, it would be publicly owned. Yours and mine. We elect the councillors, ergo, we get eventual control. As it happens the council is not going to buy the bridge. So keep paying yer 5ps, Mr Anonymous, and waste your life in the queue.

    Meanwhile, I'm the woman riding past on the motorbike.


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