Friday, 15 May 2009

Letter to David Cameron

Yesterday I wrote a letter to David Cameron, which I'd like to share with you:

Dear Mr Cameron
I have written to you on numerous occasions about the problems caused by toll collection on the Swinford bridge.

The bridge is now for sale. Last time the chance came up for OCC to buy the bridge they did not act swiftly enough and the whole of west Oxfordshire lost out.

OCC's official statement says they will "discuss the issue in due course". But this may not be fast enough. The chance for OCC to buy the bridge comes up no more than a couple of times a century, so together we must act now.

I urge you to write immediately to Councillor Ian Hudspeth ( and Steve Howell, OCC’s head of transport (, and encourage them in the strongest possible terms to buy the bridge. The residents of west Oxfordshire are entirely fed up with being held to ransom every day and being forced to waste our time and our fuel, to say nothing of adding to the totally avoidable emissions created by our vehicles as we queue the pay the toll.

'In due course' is not good enough; and it's not like they haven't already had years to consider this matter!

Yours sincerely
Jane Tomlinson

You too can write to David Cameron, urging him to do the same, at

UPDATE, 15 May 2009
I received a swift reply from Mr Cameron's office. His assistant will show Mr Cameron my letter. Let's hope a little political pressure from someone so high profile will make a difference. We can but try, after all.

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